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Carpool Crew is Good for Municipalities.

Cities across the country are feeling the effects of global energy depletion, making it more expensive for consumers to purchase goods and services, the lifeblood of your city's economics. Oil allows capitalism to work, fueling not only the cars of your citizens, but their paychecks as well. Without access to inexpensive oil, your city will face:

* increased costs for the production of goods and services
* inflation
* unemployment
* reduced demand for products other than oil, food, water, and shelter.
* lower capital investment

These are the facts. That is why Carpool Crew is one solution your city can implement to reduce the effects of oil depletion. We also are proud supporters of the Oil Depletion Protocol. We encourage your city to adopt the protocol, and
join the the following cities:

Bloomington, Indiana
Franklin, New York
Portland, Oregon
San Francisco, California

Your city can easily integrate Carpool Crew into your local municipal website. It's FREE! Just have the webmaster of your city create a link to Carpool Crew, or contact us for assistance! Once you have created a link to Carpool Crew, your city can ask your local radio stations to air Public Service Announcements announcing your city's new Carpool program. Tell the radio people thefollowing are the copy points for making the PSA:

(Your city name) is announcing a cool new carpool program!

Carpool makes it easy to meet people like you who are willing to carpool.

Carpool Crew let's you find people who live nearby so you can share rides to and from work, combine shopping trips, catch a ride to see a show, you name it!

Carpooling helps you save money on gas, reduce traffic congestion, and reduce carbon emissions that cause global warming.

To learn more, go to