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Here is our FAQ!

Why carpool?
We make it easy.
You'll feel better.
Save money.
Less hand to hand combat for parking spaces.
Cruise on by other traffic while you are in the carpool lane.
Meet cool new people.
You can help save the planet!

Can you help match me with other people that want to carpool?
That's why we're here! When you join Carpool Crew, you can search for people based on your preferences. For instance, if you want to find someone who lives pretty close by with a similar work schedule, as well as similar musical tastes - we'll help auto match you. That way, you can create a Carpool Crew that not only meets your car sharing needs, but also meet people you are likely to get along with.

Are there any down sides to carpooling?
Carpooling is awesome, except for one thing: The loss of freedom behind the wheel to go where you want when you want. Most people get over it pretty quickly. Carpool Crew allows user ratings so you can choose a reliable Carpool Crew. After all, no one wants to wait around for someone who is always late or forgets to show up.

Is carpooling safe?
Yes, unless you're drunk or riding with a serial killer. Other than that, carpooling is as safe as you choose it to be. Be smart. Know who you are sharing or catching a ride with before you hop in their car.

How do you handle women and men?
Carpool Crew users can choose carpools made up of either all women, men, or a mix and match. The point is to choose people you'll get along with on your journey!

What if I am part of a Carpool Crew, and I get sick?
Hey, life happens. Something may come up that keeps you from joining your scheduled Carpool Crew, so we give you contact tools to alert the others. That way, if you let your Carpool Crew know you can't make it, they have time to coordinate plan B. Remember, if you respect other people's time, they will respect yours.

How do you help keep things fair between Carpool Crew members?
It's easy. We give you tools to use so everyone can keep track of shared carpooling expenses, schedules, and all sorts of other stuff.